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Exiting third Covid-19 wave going to be ‘longer and stickier’ than before HSE chief executive Paul Reid said the virus was still transmitting at a ‘very risky level’ across the community. As of Monday, a total of 280,581 doses of Covid-19 vaccines had been administered (Brian Lawless/PA Wire) HSE chief executive Paul Reid said exiting the third wave of the virus is going to be slower than previous waves (Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland) As of Monday, a total of 280,581 doses of Covid-19 vaccines had been administered (Brian Lawless/PA Wire) The pace of Ireland’s exit from the third wave of Covid-19 is going to be “longer and stickier” than previous waves, despite “good trends” overall in the fight against the virus, the health service chief has said. Paul Reid said the pace of exiting this wave of the virus was going to be “a lot slower than the scale and pace than we entered it” because the virus was still transmitting at a “very risky level” across the community. “It is going to take longer, it is going to be stickier and not at the pace that any of us would want or like,” Mr Reid said. The HSE chief executive said people with Covid-19 were presenting much sicker to hospital and that once admitted they were staying longer in hospital and ICU than in previous waves. HSE chief executive Paul Reid said exiting the third wave of the virus is going to be slower than previous waves (Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland) Mr Reid said there are 771 patients in hospital with Covid-19 on Thursday afternoon including 148 who were in ICU. He said about 200 coronavirus patients were receiving advanced respiratory care on hospital wards. But the number of people admitted to hospital with the virus had fallen by more than 25% in the last week and ICU admissions were down 11%. Mr Reid told the HSE briefing on Thursday that more than two-thirds (68%) of positive cases confirmed last week were close contacts of previously confirmed cases. He said positivity rates at community testing sites ranged from 16% to 20%. “It indicates to us that the levels we are at in the community are still of a concern… the virus is still transmitting at a very risky level across the community,” he said. Mr Reid said he understood the public’s frustration over the rollout of the vaccination programme but he said it had entered a new phase this week with people over the age of 85 being vaccinated. “We fully appreciate the frustration expressed by many members of the public and others that would like to see more vaccinations done every week,” he said. “There’s nobody would like to see more of that than us.” He said the HSE was committed to delivering all the supply it receives and it was administering 95% of any supply of vaccines it receives so any issue was a supply one. As of Monday, a total of 280,581 doses of Covid-19 vaccines had been administered, comprising 182,193 first doses and 98,388 second doses. Mr Reid said almost 110,000 jabs will be administered between Monday and Sunday next week. The HSE’s plan includes the administration of about 36,000 doses for those over the age of 85 at around 240 GP practices, 62,000 doses for healthcare workers and 11,900 doses in long-term care facilities. By the end of March Ireland will have received 1.248 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines. Mr Reid added that from April onwards Ireland would receive at least a million doses a month.

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But, in reality, these efforts have been underway for years now — right here in our backyard. In Northwest Arkansas, Walmart has set a goal to reduce its overall greenhouse gas emissions. The city of Fayetteville has forged ahead on its sustainability initiatives with a dedicated municipal department. And, just last year, Seal Solar flipped the switch on Arkansas’ largest county-owned and rooftop array as part of Washington County’s overall energy-efficiency measures to save $10.2 million in taxpayer dollars. For far too long, skeptics have cast renewable energy as an industry disruptor. In particular, solar power has been inac curately portrayed as an accessible option only to those on the East Coast or in technological hubs, such as Silicon Valley. Worse yet, it’s been pegged as a one-sided political issue. But that’s not true. Spurring economic growth is a bipartisan issue. And we have the opportunity to do just that by investing in solar power in Middle America. Over the past decade, Arkansas’ advanced energy industry has experienced significant growth. But nothing can compare to the pace of 2020. Last year, our state’s solar firms proved they were pandemic-proof, completing a record number of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural projects. At the same time, our sector reported unprecedented job growth. At Seal Solar alone, we welcomed 22 new employees, more than doubling our local workforce. In 2021, solar has the potential to be an even stronger anchor for our state’s economy. Recent market activity shows solar, storage, electric vehicles (EV) and EV chargers will continue to dominate.
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